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  • Winning

    Building and protecting value


    Building and Protecting Value

    • K3 is a strategic and financial communications advisory firm
    • Our purpose is to build and protect value. We help clients succeed and grow by winning the active support of investors, financial markets and key stakeholders
    • K3’s focus is intelligence-based, strategic advice to build and protect value by strengthening:

    • K3 is led by deeply experienced investor and corporate relations industry leaders – a team of advisors with an unrivalled track record of success


    Specialised Practice Areas

    Strategic Communication

    Investor Relations

    Transaction Communication

    Corporate, Strategy & Investment Positioning

    Leadership Positioning

    CEO & Board Communication

    Special Situations

    Social Media

    Issues Management

    Corporate Relations

    Stakeholder Intelligence & Research

    Financial Media Relations


    deep experience

    K3 is led by three of Australia's most experienced strategic and financial communication advisors.

    • Christopher
    • Justin
    • David

    Their unique combination of deep markets, media and commercial leadership experience is supported by a diverse team of social media and digital influence, investment analyst and financial journalism specialists.



    25 year career in financial relations: roles included Chairman of Burson-Marsteller, the then biggest PR group in Asia Pacific, co-founder of Savage & Horrigan – one of Australia’s top three financial PR firms – and founding CEO of Ogilvy PR Australia, which became the largest PR group in Australia’s PR history.

    Chris has led financial communications on many major financial transactions over his long career, from the Campbell Soup Company take-over of Arnott’s Biscuits and the Virgin Blue IPO, to a host of takeovers in a range of industries.

    Chris was also Chief Operating Officer between 2008 and 2015 of ASX-listed STW (Australasia’s leading communications group). He led the group’s digital growth strategy (digital revenues exceeded $200 million annually), Asian expansion and was directly responsible for all non-advertising and media companies, accounting for more than half of its $500m revenues.

    Chris also led the growth of STW’s market leading financial relations, public affairs and PR suite of services, with direct responsibility for Cannings, CanningsPurple, Hawker Britton, Barton Deakin, Ogilvy PR.

    Chris is Chairman of five specialist communications firms, and is Founder of growth advisory firm, The Savage Company. Chris has a Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) from Hartley College, Adelaide.



    22 years communication experience in the financial services, funds management, private equity, property and infrastructure investment sectors.

    Justin founded and was Managing Director of Kirkwoods Corporate Relations from 2004 where he advised a wide range of leading Australian and international companies and investment groups on communication strategy.

    Previously, he was the Head of Corporate Affairs-Asia Pacific for AMP Henderson Global Investors, at the time Australia’s largest investment management group – responsible for media relations, internal communications, government relations and strategic communication for the group’s Asia Pacific operations.

    Justin’s career in corporate relations commenced with Burson-Marsteller in 1995.

    Prior to that, he spent 10 years working in the financial markets of Sydney and London as a capital markets broker with Tullet & Tokyo Forex and MW Marshall & Co.

    Justin holds a Master of International Studies (University of Sydney) and a Bachelor of Arts (Communication) from Charles Sturt University.



    25 years equity markets and financial communications experience and served as a Director of the Australasian Investor Relations Association.

    David is a leading investor relations and CEO communication advisor working with the leadership of listed companies on their market engagement strategies and execution – to grow understanding, confidence and support.

    David founded and was the Managing Director of Channel Financial Communication for 10 years, which became one of Australia’s largest IR advisory businesses.

    David had 15 years in corporate finance and investment banking with Hambros Australia, where he was a Director, and BNP Equities as Director responsible for its Equity Finance & Advisory division – both of which he led to top 10 equity capital market positions.

    He has also worked within a listed company, UK listed real estate and financial services firm, Hambro Countrywide PLC in head office.

    David holds Bachelors of Commerce (Econometrics) & Law (UNSW), Diploma of Corporate Management and is a member of AIRA.


    general office

    Level 6, 131 Macquarie Street
    Sydney NSW 2000

    +61 2 9231 5600